Why {qoou} is better than CraigMan: An official Top-10 List

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Why {qoou} is better than CraigMan: An official Top-10 List

Post by smantie » Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:09 pm

#1) We are not CraigMan.
#2) None of us are from Rancho Cucumber. (Not to those reading this: if you are from Rancho Cucumber please ban yourselves)
#3) We have a storied history. (In that most of our history is mostly stories about sK getting drunk and passing out at his keyboard)
#4) {qoou} can pass out at their keyboards because they're of a legal drinking age, which despite the fact that it's been 7 years, CraigMan has not achieved this age.
#5) We are not CraigMan.
#6) Despite being qoou, we possess the ability to beat sK in a 1v1 if we so desire.
#7) No one in qoou has accused sK of cheating when they get owned by him in a 1v1 (also, no one other than CraigMan has been owned in a 1v1 by sK)
#8) We have our own hallowed grounds. Even Rancho Cucumber isn't a hallowed grounds.
#9) Even 'Smantie' is a better nick than CraigMan.
#10) None of us are CraigMan
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