Input for {qoou} Server Schedule

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Input for {qoou} Server Schedule

Post by De_Fault » Wed Jan 11, 2006 1:31 am

Looking for some input for the server.

Due to UTStats logging issues and frequent server crashes the realilty of running Mapvote with a bunch of gametypes isn't working out. Plus the Muts Mapvote is a totally different mapvote.

It isn't so much the mapvotes as it is LeagueAS with Custom CSHP and additional ServerActors. (Yes I tried DynamicActorLoader) The bulit in CSHP has issues with certain muts. Thats why I started a CTF Day, A JailBreak Day, Assault w/ Muts Day, etc... All the UT.ini files are tailored for the gametype of the day. (to reduce downloads) I would like to continue that theme.

People have suggested other gametypes and changing some days around. So, what are your thoughts. What gametypes, what days, etc...?

The Gametypes I do want to include are;

Assault w/Mutators

CTF (Reg CTF, Insta-CTF, Sniper/HammerCTF, and Strangelove CTF)

JailBreak (Reg Jailbreak, Insta-Jailbreak, Sniper/HammerJailbreak, and Strangelove Jailbreak (When I find some good JailBreak Strangelove Maps)

One suggestion was for the following;

Assault w/No Mutators <<- People have suggested, even though it's available on the Muts Mapvote. A day for Regular good'ol Assault.

If your interested in Domination, DeathMatch, TeamDeathMatch, Monsterhunt, Rocket Arena, Frag*Ball, BombingRun (for UT99 w/Strangelove) or some other gametype speak up.

My interest in Strangelove is largely because this Game hosting Co. is one of the few around who allow UT Aerial Gametypes, well that and it's a helluva lot of fun.

What day(s) should we assign the gametypes to? Know of any good maps throw them out also. (Provide link pls) Some people have expressed interest in Voice Packs, and Skins. I got no problem with this, but it needs to kept to minimum so ppl don't have to d/l so much. We could rotate skins and voicepacks monthly to lessn the pain of d/l's. Just a thought.

Until we change it, the schedule is;

Monday - Assault w/Muts
Tuesday- CTF
Wednesday - JailBreak
Thursday - Assault w/Muts
Friday - Assault w/Muts
Saturday - Assault w/Muts
Sunday - Assault w/Muts


We should end this next Tuesday, to keep it from dragging on.

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