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Signature Requirements

Post by Captain_Obvious » Mon Aug 08, 2005 7:00 pm

Here are the guidelines for having a signature. Keep in mind that these are ment to improve the overall experience for everyone. :thumbup2:

Image Height:
The combined height of all the images in your signature can't be greater than 300 pixels. This applies to all images except for xfire mini profiles. (meaning you could have a 300 pixel image and an xfire mini profile.)

Image Width:
The width of the images in your signature can't extend greater than 600 pixels across the screen.

Max Characters:
You can use a total number of 350 characters (including code) in your signature. This should be more than enough. ;)

[s]Xfire Mini Profiles:
I encourage everybody to include an Xfire mini profile in your signature. I recommend using the "Short and Wide" size because it takes up less space but still shows all the same info. You can create a mini profile at: ... structions[/s] edit: 1-17-2017 xfire is DEAD

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